Joe Taylor, Singer/Songwriter

"Soulful", "evocative", and "awe-inspiring" are the words used by music critics and fans alike that experience Joe Taylor live. His album “Anything’s Possible,” captures the magic and vibrancy of his live performances that combine stellar songwriting, soaring tones and stripped down instrumentation, allowing Joe's unique artistry to connect with his listeners.  

Joe Taylor's signature sound developed early in his native Toronto and evolved after moving to New York City performing solo at such iconic music venues as CBGB’s 313 Gallery, The Knitting Factory’s Tap Room, The Bitter End, Kenny’s Castaway, The Triad Theater, The Red Lion, C-Note, and The Back Fence.  During this time, The New York Times took notice and dubbed him the “Subway Idol” while Joe auditioned for a coveted spot in New York City’s MTA's Music Under New York.  “That was always a great experience, playing in subways, ’cause I could test out new songs. If you’re in Grand Central or Penn Station at rush hour and you can stop someone who’s clearly on a mission to get the hell out of there, or you can trick a couple of them into actually smiling for a few seconds, then you know what you’re doing is good.”  Today Joe headlines in clubs in major American cities like The House of Blues, The Paramount, the Mandalay Bay Casino, M Resorts, The Tower Theater, college tours and music festivals.

Joe Taylor performing “Secrets”

Joe continues to excite, inspire and move audiences with the sweet melodic timbre of his amazing original sound and performances.  Joe's CD “Anything’s Possible” is a collaboration with Jeff Gross and Grammy®-winning engineer Matthew Spindel, and produced the song “The Sweetest Tune” which charted all the way to Number ONE on Canadian FM radio and was featured on NBC’s daytime drama “Days of Our Lives.”  

Joe has released two songs - "Build This House" and "Don't Change" - recorded, produced, and engineered by Jane Getz, Bob Tucker, and himself.  Joe is primed to reach larger audiences with his unique sound and catchy tunes that do more than just entertain; they stir the soul. With new performances being scheduled, you can count on seeing Joe Taylor in a city near you soon. 

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