We have a wide variety of bands.  They range in style, size and look.  The choice is up to you.  Each one of our music groups is unique.  All of the bands listed in this category perform weddings, concert venues and other private parties.  Our live music groups have performed for fashion shows, concerts, birthday parties, picnics, baptisms, communion parties, bar/bat mitzvahs, corporate events, holiday parties, etc.



Uptown Rhythm performs “Blurred Lines”

The choice is yours to make.  We believe that every celebration is enhanced by live music and entertainment.

N.L.C. performs “Where the Streets Have no Name”

The best way to navigate our band page is by clicking the link under "Bands" and going to each individual band page.  In order for you to get an idea of what each one of our music bands sounds  and looks like we have featured two videos of each band on every page.
Big parties, small parties, weddings, concerts, charity events.  Motown, Rock, Top40...we got it covered.

Uptown Rhythm performs a medley of songs

Our musicians and bands are professional and courteous.  This means that they will be on time for your party and they will be dressed appropriately for their performance.

Skyline Seven performs a medley of songs

In order to make mobile navigation easier, we have added the following links to each one of our band pages:

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