Amanda is that most rare talent. A performer who can electrify a room with her signature vocals,and a prolific songwriter who demonstrates mastery of various popular music genres. Amanda weaves a hook filled alchemy of pop, rock and R&B that flows seamlessly through her compositions. She is as true a musical triple threat as one could imagine.

A New York transplant from her native Northern California, Amanda’s been performing since childhood, honing her talent. Moving from the Bay Area to Brooklyn in 2015, Amanda an her former band, Dreams of June, were quickly embraced by the big city.

Rooms such as Rockwood booked the band. They co-headlined the Brooklyn Music Festival and appeared on the legendary Larry Flick’s Sirius/XM show. All of which occurred within six months of their arrival as complete unknowns.

In 2016, Amanda dismantled Dreams of June to carve out her own vision. The results are stunning and attracted an array of well-established talent to help record the new material.



Testimonials and Quotes

“Amanda Daviner is a future Megastar”
~Larry Flick
Host, Sirius/XM Satellite Radio

“The music of today has been taken in all directions.
Amanda not only brings it back full circle but takes
you to places you’ve never been.”
~Paul De Lisle, bassist, Smashmouth

“Amanda Daviner is absolutely wonderful.
Stunning voice.”
~Simon Kirke, drummer, Bad Company


Featured Music Artist – Sacramento Talent Magazine, November 2014 Issue

First Artist to play Vimeo corporate offices, 2015

“Letting Go” single (Dreams of June) added to 30 college radio playlists, 2016

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