NLC is three amazing guys who know how to make a party happen.  They simply know what type of music to play to your group of friends and loved ones.  From soft rock to 80's, 90's pop, mix in some Beatles a little bit of U2 and you have great music and an even better time.

This trio of musicians is perfect for weddings, corporate events, fundraisers and anything in between.

NLC perform “Another Brick in the Wall”

NLC perform “Under Pressure”

The video samples that we have included here were taped, live, by us, at an outdoor Summer concert event.  The band started playing in the early evening when the sun was still out and the party ended close to midnight.  The crowd didn't want them to stop playing, so the party went into overtime, twice!

N L C perform “Where the Streets Have no Name”

Here is a classic Beatles song:

N L C perform “Norwegian Wood”

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