We have a variety of musicians and music options for your wedding ceremony. They range in style and in size.  We have classical musicians for very traditional, elegant brides.


Meditation de Thais by Jules Massenet on the electric violin

We have a number of violinists, harpists, to choose from.  During the popular wedding months  (April, May, June, September, October) they get booked fast and quite early.

Harp & Flute Duo performing Handel’s Hornpipe(Watermusik)

The following is a slideshow put to the music that was performed at a family wedding.  It is our trumpeter and the church's organist.


Jeremiah Clarke, Trumpet Voluntary

It sounds so beautiful, that we simply had to add another video from the same wedding.

Pachelbel’s Canon performed on the trumpet

Our musicians are second to none.  Each one of the musicians you see here has studied music for most of their lifetime.  They all started lessons while they were children and have devoted their life to honing their talent and their music.  It is evident by listening to these videos that they attended the most prestigious music programs in the country.

One of our more popular choices for the wedding ceremony or the wedding reception cocktail hour is a solo classical guitarist.  Here is an example:

Classical Guitarist

The following video is one of our most popular combinations.  It is a harp and electric violin duo.  We taped this live at a Bridal Show, you can still hear the beauty of the music.

Flute and Harp duo, Johann Sebastian Bach, Air

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