When choosing a violinist you have the option of acoustic or an electric violin.  Both options provide a beautiful sound. With an electric violin you get an instrument that sounds a little edgier, like you would hear in a piece of rock music.

All violinists can perform on both instruments:  electric and acoustic.  Here is an example of a classical piece of music performed on an electric violin.  Listen to the sound output.

Csardas performed on the electric violin

You can hear that it's a classical piece of music, the electric violin gives it more of an edge.

The following video is the more traditional sound achieved on an acoustic violin; combined here as a duo with a pianist.


Both sound beautiful, and both instruments can be combined with other instrumentation such as flute, harp, cellos, etc.

The following video is a duet between harp and violin.  The violinist is playing an electric violin.

Harpist and Electric Violinist performing Johann Sebastian Bach

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