100% Rock Music Band. Concerts, weddings, corporate events, birthday parties, anniversaries. This is the band for those who love Rock Music. CC's powerhouse vocals make this a band that's hard to beat. CC toured with Meatloaf for 10 years...nuf said.

C.C. Coletti performs “She Let it All Hang Out”

CC Coletti is known worldwide for her rocking duets and background vocals with rock and roll legend, Meat Loaf and his Neverland Express World Tours from 2003 through 2011. CC has been featured on three of Meat Loafs DVDs, Bat Out Of Hell Live With The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Three Bats Live, and a Documentary, In Search of Paradise. Her voice can be heard on the Bat Out Of Hell 3 album and Meat Loaf's, "Hang Cool Teddy Bear" CC was also featured as the opening act for Meat Loafs European tour in 2007. CC started singing and creating music at a young age in her state of New Jersey. She has been a staple in the New Jersey Rock Club Scene since the tender age of 18 and her dynamic vocal abilities and stage presence have helped her develop a very large and loyal following that continues to expand both home and abroad.

Anthony Krizan, CCs guitarist and producer, first gained notoriety in the 90s as a member of the Spin Doctors. He has also lent his guitar prowess to such acts as, Tom Marshall's (lyricist for Phish) jam band Amfibian, John Waite, Noel Redding and his songwriting skills to collaborators such as Lenny Kravitz. CC and Anthony were introduced in 2004, when lyricist of Phish, Tom Marshall asked CC to join his band Amfibian. CC and Anthony then began to make musical magic together.

C.C. Coletti performs “Misty Mountain Hop”

This is one fierce lady.  She has a powerhouse voice and puts on a breathtaking show.  This band does weddings, as well.  If you and your friends want to hear Rock Music at your party, then this is the clear choice.

C.C. Coletti performs “Midnight Rider”

…Rock on!

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