Uptown Rhythm

Entertainment Consultants proudly presents Uptown Rhythm.  This is one of New Jersey's premiere party band; these guys play everything!  Your guests will have a great time when  Uptown Rhythm is in the house.  Uptown Rhythm features front line choreography combined with a high energy sound.

This New York-based dance and show band is rapidly gaining a reputation as one of the America's most energetic and dynamic bands available for Corporate Events / Weddings / Parties / Concerts / BarMitzvah's/ BatMitzvah's and More . The band also includes a female and male vocalist and a lineup of world class musicians on keyboards, bass guitar, lead guitar, percussion, saxophone, trumpet & trombone. Musicians in Uptown Rhythm have toured and recorded with Kool and the Gang, Freddie Jackson, Lionel Hampton and Chaka Khan among others.

Uptown Rhythm performs a dance medley

The following video shows their strong, full sound.  This band has a number of very strong vocalists and a selection of horns.  The combination of the two gives this group of musicians a great deal of versatility.  They can rock the house and bring it down with Motown!

Uptown Rhythm performing a medley of songs

cocktail hour

Cocktail Hour:

The cocktail hour of a party or a wedding is the time when guests get to meet new friends and reconnect with old ones.  It's a time for conversation and making connections.  Live music will add to the ambiance of your cocktail hour; however, you don't want music that will overpower conversation.  We suggest that you hire one or two members of the band, such as the keyboard player or the guitarist.  This way there will be background music during cocktails.  

If it is the cocktail hour for a wedding there is the second option of hiring the musicians from the wedding ceremony.  



The band knows to play lower volume, low key music during dinner. This is the time when your friends and family will want to have intimate conversation; they will be sitting down, dining, and want to speak to other guests at their table.  The one thing they don't want is loud music.  During the dinner hour, our bands play music that is a little more subdued.  Guests will, still, be able to dance it they wish, it will be a more subdued atmosphere during mealtime.  

Uptown Rhythm knows that the volume needs to be taken down a notch during dinner.


Dance Time:

This is the music band you hire when you want to dance.  Whether you are hiring them for your wedding reception or are looking to book a great band for a corporate event...these guys will keep the party moving and your guests dancing.

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